Huge NOS Marshall parts collection open for trades

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Huge NOS Marshall parts collection open for trades

Postby VintageCharlie » Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:03 pm

Dear forum members,

i've taken pics of all my NOS Marshall parts that i'm willing to trade to complete the NOS parts list of this build:

The collection includes all Marshall relevant 1/2w Piher values, all 1w values, almost all 1/2w and 1w Iskra values, Mullard Mustard caps in .1uF, .022uF and .018uF, all RS silvered mica values, many Lemco, SRC, RMC values, some RS and Hunts/Erie electrolytics (including 10uF, 16uF, 32+32uF, 50uF), 2w Allen Bradley carbon comp resistors in relevant values, full set of AB 1/2w cc's, RS ("grey dog bone") and Welwyn wire wound resistors, a Bulgin socket and a Belling Lee fuse holder, KT66 tube retainers ("china hats"), Mullard tropical fish caps in .01uF and .22uF and lot's of other stuff. Also some non-Marshall and a few modern parts are included, in case someone is interested.

Here's a link to the full picture gallery of my stash: ... r%20Trade/

I'm ready to trade almost everything that can be seen in the gallery as, with a few exceptions, i have more than enough spares for the most components. There are a few parts i'd keep as spares for the moment, but would be ready to trade or sell them after the amp is built and i know it's working as it should.

What i'm looking for is - first and foremost - original reddish/brown Radiospares turret board material or "hole board" as used by Marshall in the 60's, enough to make a 27x8 hole and a 17x11 hole board as in a 45/100 amp. Afaik the RS hole board usually comes in 27x21 hole sheets and looks like the one i've attached here.

RS hole board.jpg

For a good, unmolested sheet (or enough of unmolested material to make both boards) i'd be able to offer really great trades - just let me know what you're after in exchange for this stuff and i'm sure we'll make a great deal.

I'd also be very interested in the following:
- NOS or used black-colored voltage, impedance selectors as used in the 45/100 and earlier Marshall amps (not the later brown colored ones),
- NOS or used RS or other era correct brand pots in 5k, 25k, 250 and 1m,
- Arced RS logo electrolytics in 32uF@450v (7x :D ),
- the white (carbon comp?) resistors used in vintage Fuzz Faces (in Fuzz Face relevant values).

And maybe also these last bits would interest me:
- 1x 250uF @ 6v Wima or other era correct cap,
- 2x 8uF or 10uF @ 150v Hunts or other era correct caps,
- 47pF, 100pF, 560pF (or 556pF ;) ) arced RS logo silvered mica, featuring the older, bolder 3-line inscription (exactly like the 250pF and 270pF arced RS logo caps in my gallery).

Please feel free to PM me with any questions and offers.

Thanks a lot in advance!

All the best,

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