50w highgain amp

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50w highgain amp

Postby dukeamps » Sat Dec 04, 2010 6:30 am

Hi Brian, here's an amp I have modded, it’s was originally a trainwreck express amp with your transformers & choke. Here are a couple of clips of how the amp sounds.




So if you are interested in doing this follow this.

First mod your amp to a 2203 or 2204,

The input resistor is 33k, & do the shield trick on the input, instead of the shield going to ground connect it to the anode, then put a 500pf over the second plate resistor, .1uf over the 10k, .68uf over the 820r, 1000pf bright cap, 500pf sounds also nice, the tone stack is 33k/500pf, & the most important thing is you have to lower the b+ down to 390v, then bias the el34s at 31.5ma, then you get the brown sound in the mix.
NFB is 47k/.1uf/.68uf what ever you like best, 4ohm tap. Fizz cap is 100pf

Cheers :)

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