bit of info on white carbon comp Rs in old British gear

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bit of info on white carbon comp Rs in old British gear

Postby dai h. » Sat Oct 11, 2008 7:07 pm

(wasn't sure where this post should go but since it might help with part ID, put it here)


Special “High Stability” resistors with an extra pink band (sometimes called “salmon”) to indicate their superior quality. From left to right, a modern 4.7kΩ for comparison, a 68kΩ, a 3.3kΩ, two 56kΩ, a 220kΩ and a 2.7kΩ. All are 5% tolerance (gold band) apart from the 56kΩ, which are 2% tolerance (red band). The modern resistor is a metal film type, but the older ones are carbon composition. They were wax coated for moisture-proofing.

look like the ones found in Vox, although I'm not aware if they had the extra pink band. Moisture-proofing makes sense but wax would seem to make them more flammable.

(same author) :

see where the valuable vintage Iskras are going! :lol: ... 985368011/

author's pages are interesting:
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