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re: ebay 2SC828

Postby dai h. » Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:47 am

saw this: ... c=105200.0

as well as some other instances of use by boutique makers and DIYers (somewhat) recently, and I do wonder if those are even genuine, since these: ... 1638b715dy

don't look like any I've seen (which I believe to be genuine). (I could be wrong, but) the ones I've seen (vintage effects, etc.) or own have the triangular Matsushita logo, plus a rounded sort of body. On ones which look older, the markings are a bit sloppy looking, plus they have "katakana" lettering on them.

Generally, there seem to be no complaints from people that have purchased them, but I do wonder if those are just some remarked general purpose transistor and that maybe there isn't much point in going out of the way to purchase them if basically any gen purpose transistor will do (as a sub for an 2SC828--which is (or was a gen purpose transistor anyway)). So perhaps finding some local source for gen purpose 2N... or BC... transistors in bulk (to get a better price) might be a better choice?
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