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20W prototype

Postby Brian Wallace » Fri Dec 24, 2010 4:42 pm

Here is a 20W amp I built for the Nashville amp expo. This amp is set up so that the volumes work in tandem to give the amp more gain than the normal 20W set up and by doing so, it allows you to control the overall gain/volume of the amp by adjusting the volumes to various positions. When using the amp for rock, it is best to just set the volumes to 10 and control everything from your guitar. When setting the volumes to 5, you can get that killer Tele tone..........just add a compressor and your good to go. The amp has enough volume to hold it's own in a band situation which is a definite plus. Here are some sound clips and a video that Tommy Hatcher recorded using his own modded 20W.


Recording description: 57' Strat, 20wt Marshall into 68' basket weave w G12H30's, Ibanez UE-400 w/OD set to boost only.


Recording description: 57' Strat, 20wt Marshall into 68' basket weave w/G12H30's, Ibanez UE-400 w/OD set for boost. 67'Tremelo 100wt stack for clean rhythms.


Recording description: 57' Left hand Strat, 20wt Marshall into 68' basket weave 4X12 wG12H30's, Ibanez UE400 using the overdrive as boost only with some chorus in the bridge, ratty BC109 Fuzz face for solo. 73' 100wt stack in the outro section.

At the three minute mark, you can see Tommy getting the amp to go from a clean rhythm tone to a nice break up just using his Strat's volume knob. He is using my 20W prototype in this video.

Another clip of Tommy using the 20W. Strat straight into the amp using his volume control to get clean rhythm tones.
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