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AIC "Facelift" Bogner modded JCM800 (pics)

PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:16 pm
by dai h.
(I have no idea if it is legit, but the poster claims the amp was used on Alice in Chains' "Facelift" album). Couple of pictures of the added board @Gearslutz: ... elift.html

Re: AIC "Facelift" Bogner modded JCM800 (pics)

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2012 9:54 am
by neikeel
Sounds like the OP on that thread is horribly out of his depth and it will all end in tears (oh and a trashed JCM800 board!).

Not exactly difficult to do particularly once you have drawn your schematic - are you going to post and offer to hold his hand through it :?

Re: AIC "Facelift" Bogner modded JCM800 (pics)

PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:24 am
by dai h.
naahh. :lol: Not really in the mood though I've attempted reverse engineering via pictures before. There's a bit on MEF forum where I tried to draw out a Matchless Reverb but it wasn't super successful owing to the fuzzy photos I was working from. And there was another JSuhr Marshall mod which appeared to be basically a ch. (Crunch? IIRC) from his 3-ch. preamp(and head--Ithink). More curiousity really than trying to clone. (From the parts I could see in the Matchless Reverb pics) they seem to have a fondness for paralleling the sections of a dual triode. Plus general persectives/study on layout, grounding (one example, the Marshall mod seemed to show pretty conventional use of grid stoppers right on the pin).