cathiode biased el34 matamp

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cathiode biased el34 matamp

Postby menger » Sun Sep 30, 2012 10:35 pm

Anyone ever seen the in side on a matamp kings street? which ive read are more marshall than orange or mata.
control panel (vol, gain, TMB, presence, master) the last master is for the fx loop that might make it a one input super lead?
cascaded or one wire mod i think they call it I dont think ill ever get the schematic of a real KS but im thinking this might
be what mat at matamps did, so im thinking pin cathiod bias output on the super lead pre-amp ,with an fx loop might get me close.
also wondering what voltage el34 run good at with cathiode bias? tube recto. Im looking for any input? Thanks Menger
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