Tung-Sol brown base 7581As

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Tung-Sol brown base 7581As

Postby Jeff West » Sun Jul 27, 2008 5:28 pm

I posted the following on Gear Page w/o any action thus far. Thought I'd repost here, just in case . . .

Hi- Was wondering if anyone here uses and enjoys T-S manufactured brown base 7581a or maybe 6L6GC version from the '60s? I'd be curious about any details of yours, these don't seem to get mentioned or discussed much if ever on any of the tube boards in recent years. Or maybe I've missed a lot . . .

Just so it's clear, I don't mean the current T-S brand RI (!), also not RCA or GE-made with T-S brand applied back then (which are more common), but good old East Coast production by original Tung-Sol of New Jersey. The T-S made 7581As I have and have seen for example have brown bases, double side "D" getter arrangement, plates and micas different than brown or pinkish/tan (or black) based GEs, also taller glass, smaller grid radiators, and distinctive T-S octagon with "Made In USA 3" underneath on the bulb, just like on those many '60s 5881s. Some say "7581" in the octagon, and "7581A" on the base.

Thanks for any observations-

Jeff W.
Jeff West
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