My builds

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My builds

Postby samwheat » Sun May 31, 2009 12:31 pm

Hi all,

Most of my builds start out as Laney Pro Tubes which I modify to Marshall clones. Even the chassis is factory punched for the 4 hole inputs.

Here is my superlead clone ...... ... 9%20Clone/

And a 1986 clone .... ... 6%20Clone/

And a 1987 clone .... ... 7%20Clone/

And a 2204 clone ..... ... 4%20Clone/

My JTM45 clone .... ... 5%20Clone/
tubes ARE CV4004's and GEC kt66's

I use Brian's transformers in these builds

I also have other builds .... my folder is here .....

On my bench is a Fender Princeton clone and a Hendrix clone

Thanks Brian for your great transformers!

I also have 2 more projects; a superbass and another 1987 with GE 6550's, both with your transformers.

I use anos or used tubes in all my builds except the Hendrix clone KT66's which are valve arts.
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