Pl Help identifying JTM 100 trannys 1968

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Pl Help identifying JTM 100 trannys 1968

Postby zen.state » Mon May 30, 2011 3:03 pm

This is a jtm 100 black flag from 1968...super PA...Can someone help me confirm what these tx's are please..I would be most grateful....

The mains transformer has been tested by some techie in the late 70's, he's put a sticker on it.....and he's tested the leads and written their voltages on the tranny chassis/frame

here are some pics....the mains selector was taken out by said techie, I think, when re replaced the old mains input with a Euro the remaining Mains Primaries are floating loose...






Now the Output Transformer:


Here are the primaries from the OT


here are the secondaries from the OT, thick clothy covered, brown to earth and then green, yellow, black


and here is the C1999 choke, is that Dagnall?

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Re: Pl Help identifying JTM 100 trannys 1968

Postby neikeel » Mon May 30, 2011 3:43 pm

They are both Dagnalls:

OT is a C1998 (you can tell by the cloth on the secondaries).

The PT is a Dagnall T2562

Choke is C1999 (I can read too!!).

All features of a very late 67/68 SL (my '68 is the same but did not have the clamp on the OT) the clamp came in late '68 (the lugs strain and crack - like mine had!).

The PAs had odd use of panels so a JTM panel on a 68 is not unusual.
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